My big day

Hi all and welcome to Say I do… bridal boutique. For my first post, I thought I’d share with you my story and the beautiful day that inspired me to bring the boutique to life!

I had been planning my wedding from 27th December 2013 after a surprise marriage proposal on the London Eye by my gorgeous handsome partner Steve. We set a date for 30th July 2015.

Most importantly the actual details of the wedding were secondary as my focus was on THE DRESS. It had to be perfection itself!!!
I trawled various websites and blogs as although I did have a picture in my mind as to what I wanted, I was unsure of designers names etc.
I was very nervous about going into bridal shops and looking at dresses – my own anxieties about being an older bride, body shape hang ups all came to the fore….would they laugh at my choices?

I came across the Kristene dress by the designer Claire Pettibone whilst reading a wedding blog and instantly fell in love with her. I had to have that dress. I often found myself googling it at every opportunity and imagining myself in it floating down the aisle whilst my guests looked on in admiration.
I thought it was going to be tricky getting hold of this dress as it was from a past collection – 2010 I think, so I checked out the second hand websites – OnceWed, Preloved, in search of my dress. Alas I could only find it in size 8-10 second hand which was no good for my ample shape.

After telephoning several bridal boutiques around the country I finally found a boutique in a nearby town that sold it AND they were having a sample sale.
I made an appointment and went along to the sample sale and took my mum along with me for her support and expert opinion. I saw my gown hanging on the rail and excitedly when it came to my turn, was helped into the dress by a very helpful shop attendant.

Unfortunately the dress appeared to be the smallest size 10 I had ever seen and getting into it ( being a size 14) required a lot of skilful positioning and a very good imagination. My mum was not enthused by what she saw and shook her head in dismay. I must admit I left the shop that day, empty handed and very disappointed. However, I had made an appointment to return in March 2014 to try on Claire Pettibone’s new collection at a trunk show – as I must admit, I do like her designs very much.

March came, I returned to the wedding boutique this time with my sister. I eagerly tried on the Kristene sample gown again ( this time I had managed to lose a couple of pounds so it seemed to slip on easier or it must have been a well tried on sample gown). My sister was not impressed either much to my dismay. As I had travelled a fair distance to the bridal boutique I was determined not to leave without at least trying on a wider selection of gowns although Kristene still lurked in the back of my mind – I was determined to better it.
After a few disappointing gowns which didn’t even make it out if the dressing room, I came across another gorgeous gown by Claire Pettibone. What a stunning beautiful dress, the most gorgeous gown I had ever seen. As I left the changing room everyone gasped and I even saw tears in my sisters eyes.

Oh my gosh…this was THE ONE!!! I was convinced, it did look fantastic and it was even a size 12 sample with a couple of nips and tucks it would be superb I thought.
I ordered the dress there and then…..

Months passed and there was not a day that went by that I did not look at pictures of my dress. I planned the whole wedding theme around the colours of the dress – went to collect my gown as she had arrived at the shop. When I tried the dress on in the shop it just did not feel the same. I was not wowed by my appearance. Despite the shop attendants best efforts to convince me that I looked amazing, I still was not convinced. I took the dress home – perhaps in my own surroundings it would look and feel better.
Unfortunately this was not the case. Also in my mind I was thinking about the amount if money I had spent on a dress that I did not like and was ashamed to admit that I now didn’t feel the same about it.

After a short period if crying….My heart was heavy, I did not want to walk down the aisle in that dress and I slowly began to realise again that Kristene was the only dress for me.

Again I trawled the Internet searching for her. I rang the shop where I had bought my dress from but they stated that I would have to buy a brand new Kristene dress – something which at this point I could not afford, given the amount of money I had spent on the other dress. After a few days of searching I finally found Kristene in my size, although i would have to travel down to London to get her. I contacted the seller and she stated that the dress was a sample dress and she would be able to post it for me.
The day Kristene arrived I tried her on and immediately I knew I felt wonderful. She fitted perfectly and I felt like the bride I wanted to be….

We had the most wonderful wedding day. Everything went very well. What’s more, I felt beautiful. If I could relive the moment I would not change a thing. I guess the moral of the story is….listen to your heart and go with what makes you feel good. You will know what is right for you when you put that dress on that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable…and the beautiful bride that you are.

Below are a few pics from our lovely day!

Thanks for reading,

Sharon x