Lace it up!

Justin Alexander features a wide collection of lace wedding dresses in different silhouettes, necklines, and colours.

Lace wedding dresses are becoming the most sought after fabrication by new brides. The most important element in lace wedding dresses is a high quality, well-made fabrication. At Justin Alexander we have always been drawn toward vintage-inspired lace with impeccable construction and a flawless finish. Details on our favorites are outlined below.

Alencon Lace: An ornate needle lace with a floral design on a sheer net.

Chantilly Lace: A handmade bobbin lace featuring a netted background and often thicker embroidered flower outlines made with heavier threads or ribbons. Most known for being a fine, outlined pattern with visible details, and soft to the touch.

Venice Lace: A heavy type of lace with a needlepoint design featuring floral bunches, foliage, or other patterns

The Justin Alexander Signature Collection features vintage-inspired lace in modern silhouettes, romantic necklines, and perfectly tipped hemlines. Explore our collection and find the lace that will add the perfect mix of romance and intrigue to your wedding look.